Crop Monitoring

Crop Monitoring

Our journey began by delving into the profound challenges confronted by the farmers we collaborated with. We identified persistent issues such as crop losses from pest and diseases, the financial strain of frequent crop and soil tests, and the adverse effecs of unpredictable weather patterns on yields. In response to these challenges, we unearthed a transformative solution harnessing high-resolution satellite images. Through the utilization of satellite technology, we empower farmers to make informed decisions, strategically allocate resources, and, ultimately, enhance their yields. Embrace the journey with us to transform agriculture with precision and efficiency

What This Means

Monitor crop in near-
from anywhere

Easily access up to 14 days of forecasted weather

Efficiently manage farm tasks in one system and deploy scouts with precision

Crop Monitoring Value

Attaining the triple bottom with monitoring

Crop monitoring helps farmers to manage multiple fields, cut down on costs on resources, and make reliable decisions.

Variable-rate application helps save up to 20% on seeds and fertilizers.

The platform allows for early and more accurate problem area detection.

Field activity log allows you to effortlessly plan and monitor all field activities for all crops in one place.

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