Land Mapping

Map Your Farm, See It in 3D: All the Details at Your Speed

Our high-tech drones and remote sensing tools give you a bird’s-eye view of your farm, fast and easy. Boost your productivity, sustainability, and profits with detailed aerial maps – all at a price that won’t break the bank. It’s modern agriculture, made simple

At Wonfliki, we offer mapping services in various forms

Aerial Mapping

Our aerial mapping service uses drones to capture high-resolution images of your farm and farm property to create detailed maps and 3D models which can be viewed at a glance.
Our aerial mapping services are quick, easy, and affordable

Boundary / Cadastral Mapping

Before you invest in farming, it is important to conduct a proper land search before encountering litigation. Our team is equipped to help you obtain the necessary title deed to secure your farmland investment.

Vegetational Analysis

Monitor your crops in real-time with our satellite tech. Get: Accurate weather data. Plan ahead, avoid surprises. Plant & soil health insights. Spot problems before they grow. Easy farm data access. No matter where you are. Stop crop threats early. Optimize irrigation. Boost yields. Maximize profits.

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