View your farm and farm property  detailed maps and 3D models, at a glance

Our aerial mapping is quick, accessible and affordable due to our advanced drone technology and remote sensing techniques. It offers farmers a valuable tool to enhance productivity, sustainability, and profitability in this modern agriculture.

At Wonfliki, we offer mapping services in various forms

Aerial Mapping

with our eyes in the skies, our aerial mapping services use drones to capture high-resolution images of your farm and farm property to create detailed maps and 3D models which can be viewed at a glance. Our aerial mapping services are quick, easy, and affordable.

Boundary / Cadastral Mapping

Before you invest in farming, it is important to conduct a proper land search before encountering litigation. Our team is equipped to help you obtain the necessary title deed to secure your farmland investment.

Vegetational Analysis

Always stay a step ahead! Monitor your crop investments in real-time. Our ability to leverage satellite sensors puts us in a unique position to offer you accurate weather data and various indicators of plant and soil health. No matter how far you are, access your farm data with ease. Get ahead of crop pests and diseases, Optimize your irrigation schedule, Improve your crop yields and Increase your profits

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